Hospitality Management Studies

Hospitality management is the academic study of the hospitality industry. A degree in Hospitality management is often conferred from either a university college dedicated to the studies of hospitality management or a business school with a department in hospitality management studies.

[edit] Hospitality and Tourism Management
In America, Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) can be a business major in either a Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Commerce or a Bachelors of Arts.

Graduate students graduate with a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters or Science, or a Doctorate of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

It is a focus that is studied by individuals that are intending to work in the Hospitality Industry, examples of which are; Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Restaurants, and Events.

Within the HTM concentration there is generally:

Food Management and Operations (Examples: Food Science, Food Selection and Preparation, Food and Beverage Operations)
Lodging Operations (Examples: Hotel Operations, Resort Management, Lodging Management, Financial Management and Cost Control for Hospitality Organizations)
Global Tourism (Examples: Travel and Tourism Management, Tourism Analysis, Hospitality and Research Methods)
Sustainable Tourism (Examples: Natural Destination Management, Responsible Tourism, Green Tourism and Eco-Tourism, Alternative and more Environmentally friendly ways of working within the whole Tourism industry)
Tourist Attractions Management (Examples: Heritage Attractions, Arts and Cultural Attractions, Industrial Attractions, City Based Attractions, Retail Attractions, Natural Attractions)
Entertainment Management (Examples: Theme Park Management, Theatre Management, Cinema Management, Museology, Live Music and Music Festival Management).
Event Management (Examples: Hospitality Sales, Catering Management, Hospitality Marketing Management)
Several large corporations such as Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, Starwood, Wyndham and Hilton Hotels have summer internships in training programs for students majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management, to help students get valuable work experience.


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